The Confidence Builder - YOU CAN BE MORE BOLD!

The Confidence Builder is our latest product. It is a result of some of the work Vicky has been doing with clients. Hypnosis is not just about helping you to relax.


Why do  I need The Confidence Builder? 

Theere might be some area of your life where you wish you had more resolve, more get up and go, real confidence. In 40 minutes, The Confidence Builder steps you through a deep entrancement that enables you to take steps to boost your own confidence. Now you can be more bold!


How it works

This audio consists of a series of hypnotic entrancements designed to help you to dissolve your timidity and gain new confidence in whatever pursuit - Vicky's voice at left and right guides you into deep levels of trance. You awake fitter, confident, with more resolve.



Accelerated Healing - our delicious 40 minute healing session

Accelerated Healing has been designed to help you to tap into your ability to heal yourself. It helps you get past any misconceptions you may currently have about what you might be capable of. Listeners say it has brought them personal relaxation, a healing calm, and has had positive effects on their recuperation and general health.




We've had many requests from clients and friends for a simple 'Power nap'. With Knockout Drops, we've pulled out all the stops so you can sleep. It can be used as an aid to combat insomnia, (works great in combination with some toast and honey beforehand!) or to ensure you have a real power siesta. 

Because it is chock full of relaxation inducing audio and suggestions, Knockout Drops can help you rest and recharge. Music and friendly suggestions in centre, left and right combine with relaxing harmonics to help to break down the barriers to sleep. Listeners report that they can sleep!




We've sold a number of our products to people involved in personal and professional development, training, health and wellness therapies. For those who have asked for 'the music only, so I can play it in the background when I'm with clients' - here it is. Mal's relaxtion theme to 'Accelerated Healing Theme' is 40 minutes long, and its available now. Unlike our other products, the Accelerated Healing Theme does NOT contain psychoacoustic entrainments that might cause you to relax inadvertently. This means it is OK for you can listen to it anywhere.




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The Confidence Builder

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Knockout Drops

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Accelerated Healing Theme - MUSIC ONLY

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