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Ive just listened to your CDs and I must say that I am very impressed, especially with Accelerated Healing a work of genius. I have listened to lots of these CDs including those of Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna and in my opinion Accelerated Healing is one of the best. I do intend to promote your CDs and will be in touch.

Steve, London


I used your MP3 while recovering from a very serious back operation. Just after the surgery, I was in pain and unable to sleep, despite being on painkillers. Listening to Accelerated Healing on my Ipod helped me to begin to nurse myself back to health. I must admit I was sceptical to begin with, but not any more. As a Doctor, I will be recommending this recording to others who are recovering from illness or just want to help themselves to relax. Thanks so much.

Dr L James, Brighton


I live with severe ashtma and I've found Accelerated Healing to be really helpful during those times when I've just needed a little extra boost in the health department. I really like the ambient music.

Thanks and keep it up!

Sarah, Birmingham


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