Vicky Ross


Vicky is an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer who works in personal and professional development both with individuals and with large multinational companies. Her business is all about helping people to help themselves.


The inspiration for this series came from some of Vicky's clients who enjoyed and benefited from the meditation and hypnosis techniques she employs during their consultations and have requested recordings to use in the own time - hence the 'Your Time' name.


Vicky in conversation with Kathleen la Valle at NLP Conversations

There's an interesting  interview with Vicky Ross conducted by NLP consultant and innovator Kathleen la Valle. Kathleen is the wife of John la Valle, the NLP trainer 'straight outta New Jersey' who frequently tours with NLP founder Dr Richard Bandler.

You can Kathleen and Vicky together interview at NLP Conversations (opens in a new window).


You can read more about the work of Vicky and Ian Ross and their UK-based practice at www.vixiancoachingsolutions.com (this site opens in a new window)


Mal McDonald Mal

Malcolm McDonald trained as a sound engineer at Radio New Zealand and studied electronic music and acoustics at Victoria University of Wellington.


Since moving to the UK in 1998, Mal has worked producing multimedia interventions for clients including IBM, Reuters and Oracle. Mal's particular interest in electronic music and psychoacoustics has led him to this collaboration.


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